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Trail Boss Hat

Trail Boss Hat

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The West is rough and rugged, amigos. If you wanna get your cattle from point A to point B and not step on an ornery rattler, brush up on some lechuguilla, or get jumped by no-good gang of cholla, ya need a "Trail Boss." With a whole lotta money to be made (or lost) gettin' these critters where they need to go, ya gotta have someone up front who knows what they're doin'. Now, the boss is doin' a little more than just looking out for pokey things, they're planning routes, managing cowboys, and reducing risk. The trail boss has to face unpredictable weather, stampedes, and bandidos while ensuring profitability. You want to saddle up and face the dangers of the West all while giving a flawless quarterly presentation to your board? Didn't think so. Get ya a Trail Boss!



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