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Cologne Oil - Daydrift Fragrance - Roll-on

Cologne Oil - Daydrift Fragrance - Roll-on

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Daydrift fragrance perfectly captures the essence of masculine elegance and sophistication. This fragrance is a harmonious blend of refreshing citrus and earthy balsam notes, with a hint of anise to add a spicy touch. The top notes of the fragrance are composed of tangy citrus and juicy bergamot, which provide a refreshing and invigorating burst of energy. The middle notes are dominated by the warm and woody scent of balsam, which is complemented by the spicy and aromatic anise. This combination creates a deep and complex fragrance that exudes confidence and strength. The base notes of this fragrance feature the exotic and sensual patchouli, which adds an earthy and woody dimension to the fragrance. The warm and sweet aroma of vanilla completes this fragrance, giving it a touch of sweetness and sophistication. Daydrift is the cologne that is bold enough to allow you to fearlessly explore new frontiers.



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